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The Loyal Algae Eating Shrimp for Aquarium: Crystal Red Shrimp

The Loyal Algae Eating Shrimp for Aquarium: Crystal Red Shrimp – The Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS), which is also sometimes known as Red bee shrimp, is definitely a lovely match to any little planted tank. It has stunning candy cane striped shade making it one of the most wanted shrimp in the freshwater aquarium hobby. The gem Red shrimp resulted from the mutation of its own grading system and the bee shrimp is comparable to that of the sherry shrimp. 

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The Loyal Algae Eating Shrimp for Aquarium: Crystal Red Shrimp

The different levels while in the crystal red shrimp are as a result of selective reproduction helping to make them more important within the hobby. There have also been instances of the crystal red shrimp eating their exoskeleton(molten layer), dead fish inverts and live worms.

why a lot of shrimp fans have been in love with the Crystal Red Shrimp, as soon as you notice this species in person you will understand. Its color is unlike every other shrimp within the passion. I suggest that this species is acquired by all shrimp collectors at some point.

Please see conditions and the boundaries the Crystal Red Shrimp likes before you determine to attain this shrimp. Overtime a grading process is promoting and some marks of the Crystal Red Shrimp have become very expensive. Follow the link below for detailed info on the grading with this species.

Food For Crystal Red Shrimp

Gem shrimp that is red love to prey on algae similar to additional shrimp. They essentially eat detritus viruses, hair algae, and occasionally BGA(blue green algae). In a well- aquarium crystal red shrimp needs not many ingredients to their feeding routine as they are solely scavengers in the great outdoors. Crystal shrimp can be extremely delicate to water problems.

Within this concern there are specific pre-built ingredients distinctive from other common brands like Mosura, Shirakula, Tantora, and Biomax that neither changes nor affects the water guidelines significantly. It is also an alternative to employ a feeding bowl to moderate the eating which approach unwanted ammonia buildup from decaying food could be eliminated.


The gorgeous and common Red Crystal Bee Shrimp is definitely an aquarium cultivated reddish form of the bee shrimp Caridina cantonensis. These shrimp are hugely cultural beings which might be best-maintained in large colonies. They are suitable for mature tanks as they will be regarded by larger tankmates as a treat comprising towns of tiny, relaxing fish only. Red Crystal Bee Shrimp can view on many different algae types and are excellent algae eaters.

Tank friends & Compatibility

In a species tank that was only, CRS must be retained exclusively unlike Red Cherry shrimp. They replicate much slower than the shrimp and different shrimp pressures themselves are valuable and costly. It is useless risking both offspring and the adults in housing fish while in the aquarium's only purpose. They benefit from the firm of the own variety and may be put in an aquarium a lot of places to cover up and open water to move.


The Crystal Red shrimp's reproduction method is just about just like that of Red Sherry shrimp. It takes more attention and awareness of keep them content for breeding that is maximum but no always as challenging as some are inclined to assume. Crystal Red shrimp has a tendency to reproduce better in PH that is simple to slightly water. Additionally they reproduce better when performing water changes with R/ O water. A tank holding some Gem red shrimp and 10 gallons can get in breeding a nest you started.

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The Loyal Algae Eating Shrimp for Aquarium: Crystal Red Shrimp
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