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The Loyal Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Rhino Pleco

The Loyal Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Rhino Pleco – The Rhino pleco is also known as Chocolate pleco and Alligator pleco. Its scientific name is Pterygoplichthys scrophus, but a lot of sources utilize the synonyms Glyptoperichthys scrophus or Liposarcus scrophus.

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The Loyal Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Rhino Pleco

You'll be able to identify a Pterygoplichthys species from Hypostomus for example because of the many more rays in the dorsal fin, which can be up to over or 10. They also have nasal flutes on the nose.
The Rhino pleco can reach a span of 27.5 cm (nearly 11 inches). It is equipped with two nasal flutes that look like small horns on the head. The body coloration varies between black and rich brown, mottled brown.

You understand since it's more than ten rays in its dorsal fin, this species is one of the genus Pterygoplichthys. The Pterygoplichthys species are from time to time confused with the bigger members of the genus Hypostomus, but these two groups are actually simple to tell apart since Hypostomus species have eight or fewer rays in the dorsal fin.


They're mostly vegetarian with algae being their number one source of food but to keep a big fish fed on algae alone is impossible to help you feed also, spinach, blanched lettuce, cucumber, courgette (zucchini) and additionally non veg food such as tablets and prawns.


In males this is a little yet thick stump which clearly protrudes from the fish's undercarriage. In females it is less apparent and is recessed or lies flat with the body.

Distribution and habitat

Pterygoplichthys' habitat is the most frequent in floodplain lakes sluggish streams, and marshes. They can be understood in the Amazon Orinoco, Magdalena, Maracaibo, Paraná, Parnaíba and São Francisco systems.

These fish have been introduced into many places. Several species of Pterygoplichthys happen to be created in America in Florida, Hawaii, Nevada, and Texas. Established species include P. multiradiatus in Florida and Hawaii, P. disjunctivus in Florida, and P. anisitsi in Texas


The Rhino pleco is an omnivore species that requires meaty food and algae, vegetables in its diet. Because it's ill adapted for a diet rich in protein and low in fibres in case the Rhino pleco gets much meaty food and too little alga and vegetables it could succumb to illness.

The natural alga development within an aquarium is typically not sufficient to keep a Rhino pleco healthy ensure that you supplement with algae based prepared foods and fresh vegetables.


The most powerful uprooted or of plants tend to be eaten. Level rocks and bogwood are needed to build caves. Floating plants are even eaten by will. A good pleco for the deeper aquarium.


Men: Small teeth-like odontodes on more slender and back half of fishes; leading pectoral fin rays; broader head; first pectoral beam that is thicker.

Females: Smaller, less pronounced odontodes; rounder when viewed from above. They may be sexually mature at 6 – 8 cm. They're cave spawners, with the females after they've spawned, taking no further attention of the offspring. Once the eggs have hatched they are independent of both parents. They demand blackwater (tannins) to spawn, which can be accomplished through using Indian Almond Leaves in the tank.

If fish are native & local they really should not be moved from one waterway to a different, as this can transfer disease. Whenever they're not local fish, they are able to both spread disorder and either out-compete or eat local fish, shrimp & plants, causing their death.

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The Loyal Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Rhino Pleco
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