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The Great Freshwater Algae Eaters in Aquariums: Vampire Shrimp

The Great Freshwater Algae Eaters in Aquariums: Vampire Shrimp – Vampire Shrimp, Atya gabonensis, also called African Fan Shrimp, Giant African Fan Shrimp, African Filter Shrimp, Giant African Filter Shrimp, Gabon Shrimp, or Viper Shrimp, are natives of parts of Western Africa and areas of South America. Vampire Shrimp are peaceful, tranquil, on the bashful side and they like little places to conceal.

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The Great Freshwater Algae Eaters in Aquariums: Vampire Shrimp

At the exact same time, Vampire Shrimp seems to be quite social with other filter shrimp. They appear to be rather comfortable hanging out with other freshwater shrimp, particularly Bamboo Shrimp in the water current.

We had no idea they were filter feeders (like the Flower Shrimp) and would not hurt a water flea. We do need to admit that "vampire shrimp" sounds much more alluring than "African filter shrimp." But should you treat your vampire shrimp precisely like a Flower Shrimp, you'll do just fine.

It is also recorded from the east coast of South America; these populations may represent an alternate species and nevertheless, the genus isn't well analyzed. Their natural history isn't well-recorded.

Serving Diet

Vampire Shrimp food consists mainly of edible plant matter in the water, bits of uneaten fish food, and likely miniature edible microorganisms floating in the tank that are too little to be viewed.

In addition to this, it’s also advisable to supplement their diet with small flakes, finely ground algae wafers, shrimp pellets, or food composed of ground fish pellets. A pinch or two at the time will create the food particles hit the shrimp square in its filter fans. After several attempts, it’s simple to get the hang of it.


Colouring of the species can vary from a creamy white to an almost rust brown, and also a strong azure. It's believed that the water conditions will change colouring and harder the blue morph is caused by water. These shrimp have been known to change colouring many times in exactly the same year.


Best kept in community tanks with slightly bigger fish or like size tetra. Should not be kept with cichlids or incredibly competitive fish. Won't harm community tank members. Dwarf shrimp could also be housed with this species.

Harmonious Species

African fan shrimp do exceptionally well in same-species groups; I have also kept them with Atyopsis moluccensis Singapore wood shrimp, Japanese marsh shrimp, Caridina japonica Neocardina denticulate, and cherry shrimp. Small, peaceful community fish such as guppies, zebra danios, barbs that are cherry and so on are also fine, but please see the feeding caveats previously.

Life Span

Vampire Shrimp lifespan varies, but some can live a very long time. I have had some that lived for three years and I’ve heard stories five years, where some have been pushing. If a tank is secure and healthy as well as the shrimp is well fed and cared for, he (or she) should continue a pretty very long time.

That said, its not unusual for Vampire Shrimp to die soon after being added to a tank. Perhaps it’s due to the differences in the home tank water compared to the display tank water. Or it might also be due to just the condition of the shrimp, or the stress of being transported.


Breeding is very uncommon in captivity as is true for the majority of filter feeding shrimp. Most are caught. When you can get them to breed they are going to set a territory in a cavern or another dark spot. They're egglayers look carefully throughout the tank.

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The Great Freshwater Algae Eaters in Aquariums: Vampire Shrimp
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