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The Best Freshwater Shrimp Algae Eaters in Fish Tank: Wood Shrimp

The Best Freshwater Shrimp Algae Eaters in Fish Tank: Wood Shrimp – The Wood Shrimp is one of the best shrimp in the avocation. It has several different names with including the Asian Filter Shrimp, Fan Shrimp, Wood Shrimp, and a number of others it's connected. Wood Shrimp is the name I prefer. I've kept several of the species within my shrimp keeping at different intervals.

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The Best Freshwater Shrimp Algae Eaters in Fish Tank: Wood Shrimp

To the aquarium hobby that was American it has found its way from southern Asia. When first introduced it was tricky to acquire, but not many big box aquarium retailers and local fish shops carry this shrimp.

Wood shrimp combinations into an aquarium and you'll love seeing them. They can be composed as well as a nice addition to your home aquarium. In keeping an aquarium, for beginners, you should consider keeping Wood Shrimp since it’s easy to care and undemanding.

Wood Shrimp Diet

Wood Shrimp are because of this they require a specialized food source and filter feeders. A few of Wood Shrimp may be preserved with no extra supplemental feedings in a very well recognized aquarium of 55 gallons or more. In case you should supplement the foods for foods designed for filter feeding invertebrates and Wood Shrimp powdered algae are indicated.

Wood Shrimp Behavior

You should take time to discover it for you personally to be aware of your Wood Shrimp. They often remain there for hours. During molting it feels endangered by other fish and therefore will locate a hiding place. If you will find it deciding in the substrate know that the it’s not well so make certain that you simply feed it as it’s advocated.


The Wood Shrimp can assume a variety of colours, including tan red, brown, and distinct shades of each. Some say that the coloration symbolizes the actual health of the species, but I disagree.

I really believe that the Wood Shrimp alters its coloration to blend in using its environment. Since the species must sit out in the open in the wild it'd seem sensible since they've been sitting ducks for predators while feeding in streams, that camouflage is required. Additionally, maybe the females may alter colors to signify that they are ready for mating. I'll try to achieve a conclusion on those theories.

Ideal Aquarium for your own Wood Shrimp

Wood Shrimp like sitting along with hiding spots. It’s advisable therefore to supply them with a part of wood to sit and some rocks for them to conceal when they feel like. Proper diet is, in addition, vital to their own survival.


Quite challenging. The adults is not going to bear salt in the aquarium, making acclimatisation and transferral of the larvae into brackish conditions very difficult and dangerous.

Additional information

As with all aquatic invertebrates it really is important to ensure copper does not enter the aquarium. Many medicines contain elevated degrees of copper, so it is recommended not to medicate an aquarium with Dwarf Shrimp in it. Most Wood Shrimp bought at fish stores are starving when they are first brought home. They'll be viewed picking at the gravel for food. If there's an adequate way to obtain food, this really is normal and should subside.

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The Best Freshwater Shrimp Algae Eaters in Fish Tank: Wood Shrimp
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