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The Best Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Titanicus Pleco

The Best Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Titanicus Pleco – Nicknamed “Titanic Catus Pleco”, L273 is one of the very exquisite Pseudacanthicus species. Especially young specimens show a fantastic comparison abundant pattern, plus some individuals keep this to adulthood. On the other hand, some adult specimens become drab grey with little colour. There is a high variety of comparison and colour intensity in this species, and also the more colourful people generally need higher prices on the market. Fortunately the species is allowed for export.

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The Best Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Titanicus Pleco

A variably noticeable species, of which can be unbelievably attractively marked the best examples.

Cactus Plecos are among the most striking of all Loricariidae. They grow into large, territorial feeding machines that can bring plenty of wonder and joy to those who are able to place them. A diet comprising meat-based foods is required, so shrimps and mussels are always wanted. Added dry foods that have a good vitamin rich content ought to be added.

The water quality must be prime, so a good filtration system, plenty of oxygen and routine water changes is essential for Cactus Plecos to boom. This implies that territorial borders and suitable caves ought to be present, and tank size shouldn't be too modest.

When all of the above is present, even Pseudacanthicus species can be lured to breed. Men have somewhat more notable pectoral fin rays and wider heads. Females, obviously, show a fatter belly, and some say the males have colours that are more powerful as well.


Carnivore although not a predator. Shrimp and chopped mussel appear favorites and encourage advantageous development.

Suggested Tankmates

The temptation with big Loricariids that is tough will be to keep them with other large tough fish including Oscars or other characters that are brutish. This actually works quite good with plecos that are omnivorous or chiefly vegetarian. Pseudacanthicus could be intimidated by quicker moving fish of similar size. They are carnivores and just eat vegetables when their favored food is unavailable.

Aquarium care

Pseudacanthicus may be highly territorial notably when adult, so a sizable aquarium of at least 5ft (150cm) would be valuable to the species. Provide plenty of shelters in line and the aquarium -of- sight impediments if more than one species is kept


Males appear to show the more glowing more cosmetically attractive patterning. Females tend to be more drab from a very young age.


Generally peaceful but territorial. If placed with other large nocturnal fish, some large specimens are aggressively territorial and may cause problems. Normally peaceful but territorial from a young age. Some large specimens are aggressively territorial and might cause difficulties if housed with other big nocturnal fish.


L273 is captivating when young and is simple to get. Locate a piece that is largely coloured, as the mottling will likely then be less conspicuous when it gets larger.

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The Best Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Titanicus Pleco
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