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Cleaner Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Zebra Pleco

Cleaner Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Zebra Pleco – Hypancistrus: from the Greek ὑπό (hypó), significance ‘below, beneath, under’, and the generic name Ancistrus, in reference to the decreased dentition compared together with the latter. However, now the Brazilian authorities bans the export of certain Hypancistrus, including H. zebra.

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Cleaner Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Zebra Pleco


The fish are found in crevices among the rubble, in deep water.

Suggested Tankmates

An ideal (although pricey) accession to any community tank especially one stocked with energetic, but not boisterous, current loving fish. For some reason lots of people inquire whether that species could be kept with discus or loaches, it can, but you are unlikely to get the very best out of the fish in such business. Best kept in groups of 1 male and 2 -3 females with energetic, adoring dither fish that is current.


This can be backed up by a lightly toothed and little mouth that signals it's a poor algae eater. Provide largely meaty foods such as brineshrimp and bloodworm.


To appreciate it at its best, it really ought to be held in a biotope setup, comprising a sandy substrate over which is dotted lots of varying sizes of smooth pebbles and stone. The effect would be added to by a couple of driftwood branches, and also two at one end of the tank or a powerhead provides the required water move and oxygenation.

Plants don’t tend to do so well under these conditions, but you could try the more hardy species like Anubias and java fern, and these may survive for some time. Additionally, it may be kept in a a tank that was planted if you want, provided its oxygen demands are fulfilled.

Societal Conduct

One thing you must know about Hypancistrus zebra is this fish is as territorial as a cichlid. They reside in a community where every male defends his modest land and when you put them together in a "little" area, there will be fights.

Over a whole year I noticed that this hierarchy is very frequently subject to challenge and contestation. I've found at least three types of fighting. There's an immediate reaction from your male that is dominant if he's not guarding eggs. Otherwise, the alpha male merely takes care of his fry in the cave. That doesn't mean the pretender will be safe a few days later mind you.


Raise temp. There are crevices and many spawning caverns available for the fish to select. Together with his head - which occurs in several batches - the male blocks the cavern entrance during spawning. Away from guarding the cave entrance to fertilize the eggs the male is persuaded by the female.

It is extremely expensive, because of the very fact it's infrequently accessible. It truly is a hard fish to keep, as it needs a rapidly moving current along with clear water. They are unable to endure in still water or dirty quarters.[2] It's nocturnal, moderately territorial, and prefers lots of hiding places.

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Cleaner Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Zebra Pleco
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