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Awesome Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium : Snowball Pleco

Awesome Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Snowball Pleco – Baryancistrus sp.142 is actually a medium sized pleco that is acknowledged for the impressive white areas that resemble "snowballs". Hypancistrus: from the Traditional ὑπό (hypó), indicating ‘below, beneath, under’, and also the universal label Ancistrus, in reference to the reduced dentition in contrast to the latter.

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Awesome Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium: Snowball Pleco

Inspector: in mention of this species’ large eyes, something or meaning ‘someone which observes’, from the Latin inspector.

The Snowball Pleco's base color all can vary from brown to black with white destinations throughout the body. These places can differ in color, circulation and size on each fish. A black bow is over its caudal and dorsal fins' edge. Also there's a prominent dichotomy between body place dimension inside the flank locations and the mind: inside the mind being often more dense and far smaller.

There are other similar looking catfish, for example Baryancistrus sp. LDA33. The simplest way to differentiate them is Hypancistrus have 2 lines of teeth that are tiny within the lower chin, which will be exclusive for the genus. The title „inspector” hails from the fish's huge eyes.

While buying this type of catfish, check always the fish has a curved abdomen and that its eyes aren't sunken, as these are traditional indicators of emaciation in newly imported individuals. It's better to purchase a band of 5-6 fish and increase them on together to acquire a breeding match.

Cultural behaviour

A catfish that is relaxing. Might be held with characins with comparable problems in a setup. Each guy needs to have their own covering cave.


Sexing Snowball Plecos is not very difficult. As the female is generally black, the man has more reddish shades and her body is plumper. The man also grows odontodal progress that is specific.

Serving Diet

This plec likes eating bio film in the open but will need true food inside a container setting. Eating is fairly simple using a mixture of more vegetables along with plec wafers though it is proven to desire potato. The month is essential for this fish because it doesn't like being transported and often refuses to eat on introduction, nevertheless with adequate and perseverance sheltered places to position the foodstuff this can be overcome.


Best maintained within an tank made to imitate a moving stream with a substrate of variably - rocks, sand, fine gravel, and a few water-worn boulders. This is further appointed with driftwood divisions, clay pipes, seed containers, etc., organized to form a circle of spaces, crannies, shaded areas, and cracked outlines of sight.Like many fishes that naturally inhabit running-water it is intolerant to deposition of organic contaminants and requires spotless water to be able to flourish, therefore regular water adjustments of 30-50% reservoir quantity is highly recommended program.


Reproduction of Snowball Pleco isn't frequent, but could be bred in tank. It is best to set a different breeding container with a lot of caves and covering areas up from stone loads, bogwood. The main, is that the fish must not be only slightly larger than the entrances of these caves. Substrate isn't required in the breeding aquarium. Supply properly-oxygenated, somewhat p (6.0-6.5 ph) water using a temperature of 24-27 °C.

The males defend them intensely against other men, while wanting to encourage women inside and will pick caves. The guy devote many days inside the cave using a girl prior to the eggs are laid and fertilised. Protects followers and the cave the eggs together with his fins after spawning the man. The eggs hatch after having a few days, as well as the cook will need heavy feedings of greens.

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Awesome Algae Eating Fish for Aquarium : Snowball Pleco
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