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Golden Apple Snail: Algae Eater Snail in Fish Tank

Golden Apple Snail: Algae Eater Snail in Fish Tank – These alga munchers can grow up to be the magnitude of a baseball, so be sure to have sufficient tank room to adapt them although they're typically sold as infants. Gold Snails are simple to spot, partially due to their size, but also thanks to their colossal antennas which are normally seen crossing over the aquarium floor. Their shells are commonly bright yellowish, however they may be found in some colors of crimson and purple, and brown.

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Golden Apple Snail: Algae Eater Snail in Fish Tank

Species apple snail needs

Most apple snails are voracious plant eaters (herbivores or macrophytophagous) that eat a wide selection of plant life. They do well with fish food on common vegetables in conjunction.

Alas, many species have an excellent desire for aquatic vegetation and algae aren't their favorite food. In such instances the aquatic plant life can be reduced by these scavengers very fast. A beautiful aquarium can be ruined by them .


They could be held in a comparatively small 10 gallon tank, if apple snails are kept in an aquarium on their own. An excellent rule of thumb would be to provide 3 gallons for every snail, due to the fact they have been really messy (They poop, then eat, then poop some more).

A 20 gallon aquarium is usually sufficient, as it is going to enable a school of little minnows and 3-4 apple snails.

Golden apple snails are entirely peaceful, and will never bother any fish tank-mates. Precisely the same can’t though – they should absolutely never be kept with any loaches, puffer fish or any of the larger cichlids be said for fish. These fish will happily munch on snails, and the apples snail’s thick shell as well as big size aren't any protection from a fish that is starving. In the case of the loaches, they've been content taking small bites out of any open parts of the apple snails any chance they get – which will kill the snail over time.


The feeding of apple snails is unbelievably simple, their diet must also be supplemented with sinking pellets (spiraluna, alga) and they'll also appreciate the occasional vegetable. Their particular favorites are blanched lettuce leafs, shelled peas and zucchini and cucumber medallions. Any uneaten food should be removed after 24 hours from the tank, to prevent it from fouling the water

Golden Apple Snails will use up most varieties of algae, but you usually discover them eating substrate algae plant alga and aquarium glass algae. You'll commonly find them on the base of the the time, grazing the substrate for algae, and picking up any pieces of leftover food. Although their hunger is big, plus they are ready to eat most types of algae, it recommended that you simply feed Gold Snails an extensive range of aquarium safe plant life.


There are a few things to be considered to successfully breed apple snails:

- Since apple snails are gonochoristic (separated sexes), a male along with a female snail are wanted(apparent).

- Apple snails reproduce when the temperature climbs in conjunction with abundance of food available.

- For those species that lay their eggs above the water, you ought to supply enough air space ( 15cm/6 inch).

Larger Gold Snails will keep to themselves, and usually are secure, but the smaller ones might eventually be a goal for larger, predatory fish. There is also the inclination eat live plants if they have an inadequate amount of algae and vegetation to munch on, so make sure they are fed. If you're able to get your hands on them, all in all, the Golden Apple Snail is a superb addition to any tank. They're becoming increasingly tougher to find.

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Golden Apple Snail: Algae Eater Snail in Fish Tank
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