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Aggressive Algae Eaters Tropical: Ramshorn Snail

Aggressive Algae Eaters Tropical: Ramshorn Snail – Ramshorn snails (Planorbidae) is a type of aquarium algae eater which feed on most forms of Alga, as well as any dieing or decaying waste in the tank.

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Aggressive Algae Eaters Tropical: Ramshorn Snail

The snails attack and eat, although the result is not only one of regulating the organics that will bring about Cyanobacteria the bio-film which makes up the base of blue green algae.

These ramshorn snails breathe air. The shells range from see-through to a dark, almost black color through various shades of brown. The colour that is dark appears to originate from substances that are dietary not normally available in the home aquarium, although a lot of varieties from ponds are this dark shade.

Snails of this family are corkscrew sinistrally, together with the opening hole slanted down toward the right. Big folds of skin may protrude from the side that is left that is open. Like all air-breathing water snails, the animal has only one pair of tentacles with the eye spots at the root of the tentacles, and doesn't have operculum.

However, when the population is managed, they can be exceptional aquarium cleaners. They are going to have uneaten food dead plant matter, and algae in the aquarium.

When there is plentiful food and calcium to promote development, then the Ramshorn snails like most scavengers will reproduce in a tank in a speed relative to the available food. Then you would possess a lot of snails if you've got a great deal of waste plus a lot of Alga. However, in case you do not promote algae growth and restrict waste, feeding your aquarium fish conservatively, other algae snails along with then the population snails will stay smaller.


Ramshorn snails will prosper in almost any size aquarium that may comfortably house fish. Since practically no one sets up a tank specifically for all these snails, there'sn’t really a recommended tank size in their opinion. So long as the aquarium is heated and filtered, it ought to be adequate for all these snails.


Ramshorn snails lay eggs in globules, which tend to be brownish in color. The globules comprise about a dozen approximately eggs, though it could change. The globules are see-through, so it's possible to visually begin to see the snails that are brand new develop in size. The snails that are newborn are clearish white.

These snails really should not be mistaken with the ramshorn snails discussed in this essay. They can grow in an aquarium to very large sizes and are a species of apple snails. They'll also prey on the smaller ramshorn snails and will be extremely destructive towards plants.

If the Ramshorn snail population explodes, first you must clean the tank for the snail control and then you are able to reduce steadily the population by removing the smaller snails while leaving the biggest ones in order to keep control the algae growing in aquariums. Since the bigger Ramshorn snails eat more, there will be less available food per snail and less of a tendency to procreate so long as the tank remains clean.

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Aggressive Algae Eaters Tropical: Ramshorn Snail
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